Bella's Vintage Luxuries

Turn Your Grandmother's Fur into A Vintage Heirloom

Hello everyone!  
Summer is upon us and soon, very soon BVL will be embarking on a trip  of a lifetime, the first of many far away adventures to bring the rest of the world a little closer.  Its time for a fresh perspective, new ideas  and some history  mixed with some tradition, culture and love. Oh we are not going away....far from it we just feel there is much more to explore in the world of handmade, vintage and up cycling and at BVL we feel we can learn so much more, bring so much more, and ultimately give so much more  by sharing  new experiences. This fall is  going to be an exciting mix of color, new style and textures as BVL brings you the world! Much Love....Bella ❤️  
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Legal Disclaimer

All pictures posted  to are in property of their owners. Posted images are posted within our rights according to Canadian Copyright 2018. All used sources in creation of our posts will be properly credited. Furthermore, all  patterns, original designs of: Ponchos, capes, cloaks, shawls, muffs, Pillows, blankets and furniture with all fur are the sole registered property of Bella's Vintage Luxuries, Bella's Vintage Weddings  and Bella Fallis (designer). Infringing on a registered design will result in a lawsuit or punishable to the fullest extent of the law. A registered design is infringed if, without licence or authority of its owner, a person makes, sells, hires or imports a product, or uses for trade or business a product, embodying a design that is identical or substantially similar in overall impression to the registered design, or authorizes a third party to do any of those acts. All inquiries should be directed to Bella Fallis at: [email protected]

Introducing:  Bella Pellicia Wedding 2018/2019! Just a few of the beautiful creations being worked on right now for 5 different weddings happening in the next 6 months to a year...also working on furniture pieces and soon luxury vintage fur rugs! Questions? call us! If you an dream it I can make it!

Our Signature Cloak available in many colors and various fur trims